Crew Rescues Travellers from Faulty Cargo Ship in Sea

Four tourists aboard a vessel journeying a transatlantic adventure faced some trouble amid sea, due to which they were airlifted near southeast Newfoundland on Sunday.  The Swiss-registered MSC Monterey was scheduled to travel from Belgium to New Jersey, although it soon found out about a hole in the ship’s hull. The Swiss resident travelling with his wife, Richard Kummrow, along with a Belgian and an American tourist, were airlifted after the ship’s master issued a distress call, while changing the ship’s course to Newfoundland.

Kummrow explained that after their distress call, things fell into place quickly. He explained that “we were taken over in helicopter – it was a great experience, very professional. I loved it,” as he explained having had flown, along with three others, to Portugal Cove South, i.e. a small community near the southern tip of Newfoundland’s Avalon Peninsula and about 140 km south of St. John’s. The Joint Rescue Coordination Centre in Halifax had dispatched two Cormorant helicopters after receiving the distress call. As of now, the search and rescue stage is complete, and Transport Canada has taken the responsibility and control over the case.

On the other hand, Kummrow explained that he and his companions have decided to continue traveling, although by air rather than sea. He stated that “we’ll try to get to St. John’s and fly out of St. John’s if the weather permits, and go on our trip to New York, to Philadelphia and then we fly back home, just like normal people.”

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