Jobs crisis shows need to reward job creators: Fife

The jobs crisis in Ontario continued to deepen as figures from Statistics Canada released today show Ontario’s unemployment rate remains stubbornly above the national average, said Catherine Fife, Economic Development Critic for Ontario’s New Democrats.

“We need to create jobs by rewarding job creators with the kind of proven tools that Andrea Horwath and the New Democrats are championing, starting with getting job-killing hydro prices under control, lowering small business taxes, and a Job Creator Tax Credit,” said Fife, MPP for Kitchener-Waterloo.

“The Liberals and Hudak Conservatives are sticking with a status quo that just isn’t working. No-strings attached giveaways aren’t creating the jobs. Instead they’ve left Ontario with unemployment that is stuck above the national average,” continued Fife, noting that when Heinz pulled out of Ontario, they relocated to Ohio, a state with a job creation tax credit.

Fife questioned why Kathleen Wynne had “abandoned the Premier’s chair” at a time when unemployment in Ontario stays stuck above the national average, and announced a tour of eastern Ontario during which she would not be acting as Premier but would instead be campaigning for votes for Liberals as a representative of the Liberal party and not the people of Ontario.  

“We are in the middle of a jobs crisis and the Liberal Premier is off on a blatantly partisan jaunt across the province. The Liberals are more interested in protecting their own jobs than creating jobs for hardworking families,” said Fife. “Families know that Tim Hudak is stuck on the sidelines and hasn’t delivered jobs for Ontarians. Andrea Horwath and New Democrats have worked hard to create jobs and deliver real results like a Youth Jobs Plan that’s getting 25,000 young people working.”

Statistics Canada indicates changes in Ontario’s unemployment rate were driven by “fewer people look[ing] for work,” Fife said that the Liberals job strategy shouldn’t rely on people simply giving up.

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