Soknacki Takes Chow’s Scarborough LRT Inclination ‘a Compliment’

One of the first major players to enter the Toronto’s Mayoral race, David Soknacki, allegedly thanked Olivia Chow to have adopted his position by supporting light rail in Scarborough and sent “a compliment, thank you very much.” Before her announcement, Soknacki was the only mayoral candidate to have opposed the council’s approved plan to build a subway in Scarborough to replace the aging Scarborough Rapid Transit line.

Other candidates, including Karen Stintz and John Tory, have both openly and unambiguously announced to support the Toronto council’s plan. Whereas, the incumbent Mayor Rob Ford did not waste an opportunity to boast about the plan and promised to build even more subways if he was re-elected. However, in a statement issued by Chow on Thursday, she announced to support the SRT instead. In addition to that, Chow also vowed to let the private sector and public sector compete for a time before deciding whether whom to contract out more garbage collection. That is the same position previously adopted by Soknacki, as he also promised to study contracting out garbage collection rather than move immediately to do so.

Consequently, Soknacki alleged that “you know, it’s absolutely wonderful that she’s coming to us for parts of her platform,” adding that “I look forward to introducing additional parts of our platform and we’ll see if she takes that up as well.” Furthermore, he alleged that “I don’t see our platform as proprietary. In fact I hope to have 300,000 supporters for that platform at the end of October.”

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