Anti-Ford Election Signs Appear in Downtown Toronto

Just to add a little more ‘crazy’ to Toronto’s municipal politics, a series of rhetoric parody signs appeared in the downtown area on Monday morning, displaying humorous one-liners from fictional mayoral candidates with odd electoral promises. One of the imaginary candidate promised to only smoke pot, not crack. While another vowed not to get caught on camera while peeing in public.

The campaign drew considerable attention and produced ripples particularly on social media. It was part of the latest brainchild of No Ford Nation, i.e. a non-profit group that wants to unseat Mayor Rob Ford. Founder of the group who started it three years ago, Christina Robins, alleged that “the signs are to highlight that pretty much anyone in this city would be a better choice.” The campaign signs were planted overnight in Trinity Bellwoods Park and in some areas near City Hall and mostly came in three different versions.

In reference to a famous video of Mayor Ford in an agitated mode, uttering threats, a sign said that “the current mayor threatens to kill people and gets publicly drunk. If elected, I promise I will just get publicly drunk. Vote Ray Faranzi.” Another set of signs were linked to a court-released police picture showing Mr. Ford relieving himself near a tree, which said “when I urinate in public, I never get caught on camera. Vote Jim Tomkins.” The third focused on Mr. Ford’s most recent and prominent controversy, alleging “Elect Jeff McElroy. He promises to just smoke pot as mayor. Not crack.”

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