Tory Reveals 10-part Code of Personal, Political Conduct if Elected

In a press conference held on Thursday by Toronto’s Mayoral candidate, John Tory, he promised not to make “an enemies list” and to “show up for work each day” and “defend our laws, not break them.” Revealing his 10-part “Code of Personal and Political Conduct,” Tory also vowed to “answer questions — not (run) from them” and also to release a “weekly schedule that is public.”

Tory’s policy was almost a direct attack on Mayor Rob Ford’s work ethic. He also introduced other ideas including one that required “all lobbyists” to register and to expand the number of penalties misbehaving elected officials and public servants can face. He elucidated that “many Torontonians, myself included, supported elements of Mr. Ford’s fiscal plan when he was first elected. But things have changed with this mayor. Torontonians did not know they were electing a mayor who would hang out with criminals and people involved in drugs. The very people he should be trying to get off our streets.” “Today I want to leave no doubt about the conduct Torontonians can expect from me as their mayor.”

However, soon after Tory’s announcement, Olivia Chow’s campaign released a list of Tory’s “10 most-notable lapses” in terms of “questionable behaviour.” According to the list “Tory donated thousands to Rob and Doug Ford, and now claims to have opposed them.” It said that in November 2010, Ford’s victory, Tory told the Toronto Star: “Rob Ford won a large mandate…it’s our responsibility to get on board and help him improve the city.”

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