Liberals Take Lead in Quebec Elections, Marois Resigns

The Quebec Election Day is over and Quebec Liberals have finally overrun the Parti Quebecois, including its leader, on Monday, bringing the party’s rookie leader and premier-to-be, Philippe Couillard, to the forefront. Conclusively, PQ Leader Pauline Marois announced to quit from her position as PQ party leader during her concession speech after losing her Quebec City riding.

Quebec’s former and first woman premier, Marois, stated that “you will understand that under the circumstances I have to leave my post.” Marios’s PQ government was in power for just 18 months and ended with the party’s worst election-night showing in 25 years. On the other hand, Liberals secured 70 ridings, i.e. 21 more than in the last election in September 2012. Whereas, the PQ bagged 30 ridings, which was a decrement of 24 from last time. At the end of her speech, Marois stated that “we cannot forget where we come from or who we are.” She added that “we come from a courageous people. We have to continue perpetuate the will of all of those generations who fought so that we could exist. Not (just) survive, not bend, to exist fully.”

On the other hand, Liberal premier-elect, Philippe Couillard, expressed a different tone in his victory speech, which he made in English and French, as he told immigrants and aboriginals that he’s “the premier of all Quebecers.” He told those who were accused by the PQ of dividing Quebecers with its secularism charter, that “the time of wounds is behind us.” He added “welcome. You are at home here.”

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