Trudeau to Repeal Fair Elections Act if He Becomes PM

Federal Liberal Leader, Justin Trudeau, has recently vowed to repeal the government’s Fair Elections Act if he forms the next government. The announcement has brought the Liberals to the forefront in opposition to the bill, which was previously being largely let down by the NDP from the opposition benches. The NDP has mentioned at several occasions without any doubt that their priority is to stop the bill before it becomes law and influences the next election.

Soon after his caucus meeting on Wednesday, Mr. Trudeau issued a statement that straight forwardly dismissed the “terrible piece of legislation” that has been the subject of several committee hearings this week. Trudge promised to repeal the bill entirety if his party wins the 2015 election and he succeeds Stephen Harper as Prime Minister. He mentioned that “the Conservatives’ election bill is bad for democracy. It’s bad for Canada.”  Furthermore, Trudge alleged that “this Elections Act is designed to help Conservative get re-elected. But I am confident that yet again Mr. Harper has misjudged Canadians.”

In addition to that, the party leader mentioned that “the frustration and the outrage of having their right to vote assailed, to turning away possible hundreds of thousands – particularly aboriginal Canadians, seniors, students who want to have a say in how this country is directed, have been frustrated by the direction this country has [been] given – will be even more motivated to come out and make sure we have a government worthy of Canadians’ trust.”

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