Vancouver Family Loses Everything in a House Fire Overnight

The Oliver’s are shattered and left with literally nothing after an angry blaze destroyed their home overnight. According to a friend of the family, Shawna Michaud, the Oliver couple had three children, who are all in complete shock after losing their home to the blaze that took place Monday morning around 6 a.m.

Michaud explained that “the mother is lost right now, she doesn’t know what to do or think. It is so devastating for them” because “ultimately her priority is her kids right now.” Michaud revealed that she was able to see a plume of black smoke that appeared to be coming from the hike and bike path. However, it was not until later that she realized that it was coming from a house on Oliver’s Main Street, located next to Linda Larson’s MLA office. She alleged that “the whole place was engulfed. All the emergency personnel were on scene and as we speak now it’s been knocked down and is just smouldering.”

The family includes three children, ages three, five and eight, and they are in immediate need of clothing, toiletries and food. Michaud appealed that “this is the type of family that anything they have they are fully appreciative. It is why this tugs at your heartstrings. Anything that people want to give we are taking because they didn’t have renters insurance. It’s so tough starting off from zero again, people work all their lives for their household items and for them its all gone.”

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