Group Threatens to Lay Private Charges against Wright

A non-partisan advocacy group that strives for greater accountability, Democracy Watch, has revealed that it is considering to lay a private prosecution against Nigel Wright for his secret $90,000 payment to Sen. Mike Duffy. Threatening to lay charges against Mr. Wright, the group demanded the RCMP and prosecutors to do a better job of explaining what contributed to their decision to not charge the prime minister’s former chief of staff.

According to a statement issued by the founder of Democracy Watch, Duff Conacher, “we don’t even know who the prosecutors that were involved are, the RCMP officials involved in the decision, let alone the reasons.” In a statement issued by the RCMP last Tuesday, it announced that “upon completion of the investigation, we have concluded that the evidence gathered does not support criminal charges against Mr. Wright.” Quite contrary to the RCMP’s statement, Conacher alleged that the evidence presented in court documents by the RCMP makes it very difficult to understand that there was insufficient evidence.

In an elaborate statement, Conacher explained that “given the clear evidence that Duffy was required to do specific things in return for the payment from Nigel Wright, and given that the laws have never or very rarely been ruled on by the courts, the RCMP or prosecutors must provide a detailed explanation or they will face ongoing questions about what they are covering up and whether they have properly enforced the law in the public interest.”

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