Elections Commissioner Recommends Against Laying Charges on Robocalls Scandal

The Commissioner of Canada Elections, Yves Cote, has determined in his investigation into robocalls during the last federal election that there is not enough evidence to believe an offence was committed and that charges should not be laid. The elaborate and all-inclusive investigation looked into the misleading calls that sent voters to incorrect poll locations.

A press release by Elections Canada discussed the report authored by Cote on Thursday and alleged that it “describes the nature of the complaints received and, in broad terms, how the investigation was conducted.” Furthermore, it was added that “the report also summarizes the evidence that was gathered. In addition, it describes some of the difficulties that were encountered in the course of the investigation. The report touches only briefly on robocalls in the electoral district of Guelph, which are the subject of a separate investigation.”

In addition to that, the office recalled that the purpose of the investigation was to determine whether there was enough evidence to recommend to the Director of Public Prosecutions to lay charges for violations of the Canada Elections Act in relation to nuisance calls or calls providing incorrect poll location information outside the electoral district of Guelph. The office mentioned that “The Commissioner has concluded that, following a thorough investigation by his Office, the evidence is not sufficient to provide reasonable grounds to believe that an offence was committed. Therefore, the Commissioner will not refer the matter to the Director of Public Prosecutions.”

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