Winnipeg Mayoral Candidate, Bowman, to Reopen Portage & Main

One of Winnipeg’s Mayoral candidate, Brian Bowman, has vowed to open the pedestrian path downtown and allow public to once again have access to walk across Portage and Main. The announcement was made at the iconic intersection, where Bowman vowed that one way to better the image of downtown as a dangerous place is to bring more people down there and that can be partly achieved by reopening Portage and Main to pedestrian.

Bowman stated that “we’ll all be here when the Winnipeg Jets win the Stanley Cup” and “it’s a key priority for me to work with the property owners to have it opened.” In his remarks, Bowman promised to do all it took to allow people to be able to walk on the pavement before 2019 at the latest, i.e. the year the agreement will be refreshed for renewal between the city and the four property owners on each corner. However, Bowman refrained from commenting directly on the controversy that engulfed campaign by mayoral candidate, Gotd Steeves.

Mr. Bowman openly announced that he disagrees with his pledges which include hiring to more police cadets for the downtown. He explained that “some people think Winnipeggers should be afraid of their downtown” and “the candidate last week in my view was campaigning on fear. I like to be more optimistic.” Indicating towards what Steeves’ wife wrote in the past, Bowman stated that “words matter and words can hurt,” although I “I find those comments deeply offensive but I am focusing on policy today.”

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