Joshua Clinton Hiles charged with stealing cars in Toronto,

On Thursday, October 28, 2010, officers from 51 Division Major Crime Unit arrested a man in connection with a theft investigation.

It is alleged that:

– the accused would attend a car dealership and test-drive a high-end vehicle,

– he would then flee the dealership with the vehicle,

– days later, the accused would then attend a different car dealership with the same stolen vehicle,

– he would attempt to trade-in the vehicle, leaving the vehicle at the car dealership,

– he would again test-drive another vehicle, fleeing the scene with the second stolen vehicle.

It is further alleged that:

– the accused continued with the same modus operandi at three different car dealerships.

The total value of the five stolen vehicles recovered by police was $190,000.

Joshua Clinton Hiles, 30, of Toronto, has been charged with:

1) Theft over,
2) Possession Property obtained by Crime,
3) Personation with intent,
4) Theft over,
5) Possession Property obtained by Crime,
6) Possession Property obtained by Crime,
7) Theft over,
8) Possession Property obtained by Crime,
9) Theft over,
10) Possession Property obtained by Crime,
11) Theft over,
12) Possession Property obtained by Crime,
13) Possession Property obtained by Crime,
14) Operation while disqualified.

The accused is scheduled to appear in court at College Park, on Friday, October 29, 2010, room 501, at 10 a.m.

Police believe there may be other victims.


  1. Well i think, that this guy, reading and visualising how this man stole Car’s mustve had victim’s. I meen, the guy couldnt of done it Alone. No crime happens with only one person. I see im the only person that care’s about this conflict. well luckily i live in oshawa, so these things dont really happen around my house. my kcomment_IDs are gone to college so no more sillyness at my house. LOL. my god daughter love’s to text and she just taught me the LOL ( laugh out loud btw ) Im 45 years old, and i prefer that this follow up crimes that these so calleed kcomment_IDs call FUNNY ! doesn’t happen Agin, comment_content_ID hate to see my family get hurt by this. Please if i can do anything, by attending to make a petition to keep kcomment_IDs away from cars i will. i will make a petition. right away, message me Back at my E-mail if u must :

  2. I went to highschool with this guy & was roommates with him for a short time in college. He is a pathological liar. He would always be out of work but claim to be employed by giant corporations. He would take us on country drives past his parents MASSIVE mansion but oddly, we’d never step foot on the property. He would come home with expensive equipment that he “bought” for the house, and best of all he stole our GST rebate cheques out of the mailbox and forged our signatures. Great to see he grew up to be such an upstanding citizen. Hope he rots in jail for a while.

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