34 people charged in drug raids in Edmonton, Alberta

A 10-day project aimed at street-level drug dealers concluded on Friday, Oct. 23, resulting in 34 people charged and 119 criminal charges laid.

Throughout the project EPS officers, with the assistance of the province’s Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team, seized nearly $9,000 cash; about 68 grams of cocaine (street value of $6,800 if sold at the gram level); about 8 grams of methamphetamine (street value of about $800 if sold by the gram), small amounts of ecstasy and marijuana; and eight vehicles for forfeiture proceedings.

Inspector Greg Preston will be available at EPS Headquarters at 1:30 p.m. today (Friday, Oct. 29) to discuss the results of this project.

“When the results of the first Project Griffin were shared in June, we made a promise to the citizens of Edmonton that this kind of investigation would continue,” says Inspector Greg Preston. “And here we are only a few months later announcing the results of a second investigation targeting street-level crimes that are occurring across our city.”

“I can guarantee that officers in the Edmonton Drug and Gang Enforcement Team will continue to lead these types of investigations throughout the year.”

Project Griffin II By the Numbers

34 people charged (28 males, six females)
34 counts of trafficking
18 counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking
33 counts of possession of the proceeds of crime
34 other criminal charges
Ages of accused ranged from 17-47 (21 individuals fell into the 18-24 age category; three people were under 18)
Charges in Project Griffin II:
Luwam Alem, 20
Stephen Amule, 25
Harkamal Bains, 31
Christian Barwise, 20
Denesh Bhaskar, 19
Dominic Bitternose, 18
Katrina Buggins, 22
Michael Caddarao, 22
Andrew Cardinal, 25
Maria Collins, 20
Alor Arop Deng, 24
Phil Dunham, 21
Kyle Fox, 23
Vincent Gongora, 26
Aaron Hackett, 19
Daniel Hamer, 34
Zachary Huff, 20
David Huynh, 29
Cody Keith, 21
Kalab Kitil, 18
Kevin L’Hirondelle, 24
Pedersen Math, 22
Yves Pelletier, 47
Carole Sather, 41
Joel Shaw, 21
Jason Tomlinson, 34
Greg Troock, 23
Gloria Tweed, 23
Stefano Vietti, 39

17-year-old male
17-year-old male
17-year-old female

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