Harper Gloats about Government’s Performance at Party BBQ

Addressing Conservative Party’s supporters at a party meeting on Thursday night, Prime Minister Stephen Harper repeatedly mentioned Liberals and their leader, Justin Trudeau, and made it clear who he considers to his biggest political threat. In his speech, Mr. Harper alleged that he thinks Mr. Trudeau would increase taxes and repeal all of the Conservatives’ reforms if elected.

Mr. Harper’s speech included 11 mentions of the Liberals or Trudeau, while the NDP was only mentioned four times and their Leader Thomas Mulcair not even once. Quite visibly, the main theme of Mr. Harper’s speech was to boast about the performance of the Conservative Party, i.e. in the government since 2006. Mr. Harper gloated that Parliamentary Budget Office has confirmed that his government succeeded in cutting almost $30 billion in taxes since 2005. Additionally, Mr. Harper stressed that the Conservatives have “put victims first” with the government’s so-called tough on crime agenda.

In addition to that, Mr. Harper received most vibrant response to the claim that Canada has had a “stronger position in the world.” He alleged that “when we work with allies, and stand by friends, like the Kurds, or like Israel, against terrorists and extremists, like Hamas and ISIL, that is Canada at our very best.” He elucidated that “so, my friends, we have delivered a growing economy, a safer country, and stronger position in the world.” At the end of the speech, Mr. Harper conclusively mentioned that “but, in somewhat more than a year from now, Canadians will pass judgment on that.”

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