Reports Says Still No Charges in Trudeau Break-in Investigation

Ottawa Police have announced to soon provide an update later today on the “prowling incident” at the home of federal Liberal leader Justin Trudeau. Although police has kept very secretive about the updates in the case, several sources have confirmed that still there are no charges expected to be laid.

The intrusion took place during the night at the family’s home in Rockcliffe Park, i.e. a wealthy Ottawa neighbourhood, and was discovered at the morning of Aug. 16. It has been confirmed that Mr. Trudeau’s wife, Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau, and their three children were home at the time, while Mr. Trudeau was away in Winnipeg. Sources have alleged that although there were no injuries due to the incident, the intruder left a threatening note on a pile of knives after entering through an unlocked door Consequently, Mr. Trudeau requested a threat assessment from the RCMP.

Whereas on the other hand, Conservative MP and Public Safety Minister, Steven Blaney, mentioned in his remarks almost a few days after the incident that he has spoken to Mr. Trudeau “to ensure about the safety of his family.” RCMP would provide “all the help and support necessary.” Mr. Blaney refrained from revealing any details, but alleged that “I trust in the RCMP ability to protect any individual, whether Mr. Trudeau and his family or any other Canadian citizen. So he can count on our full cooperation to make sure he is safe and can move on with his job as any other Canadian.”

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  1. So, let me get this straight, because the burglar entered the wrong home he won’t be charged ? The burglar deliberately intended to break and entered but found the door unlocked and in the wrong house ! Are the cops kind of stupcomment_ID here ? A B&E is a B&E no matter how you look at it, so, why no charge ???!!!???

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