Health Officers Assure Canada is ‘Well-Prepared’ for Ebola

The Public Health Agency of Canada has assured that the country is well-equipped and prepared to fight Ebola, while also guaranteeing that the likelihood of virus spreading to Canada is unlikely. Chief public health officer of Canada, Dr. Gregory Taylor, mentioned in a statement issued on Tuesday that “it is not spread through casual contact, it is not like the flu.”

The statement was issued in response to the news claiming that a patient in Dallas, Texas, was diagnosed with Ebola as the first case of the deadly virus in the U.S. Taylor alleged that “I want to take this opportunity to remind Canadians that the Ebola virus does not spread easily from person to person,” adding that “Canada is well-prepared with a number of systems in place to identify and prevent the spread of serious infectious diseases like Ebola, such as working closely with our international partners to gather and assess information and administering the Quarantine Act at all points of entry into Canada.”

In addition to that, Ontario Health Minister Eric Hoskins stressed that it’s important to keep in mind that “North America is not West Africa.” Addressing reporters at a meeting of provincial health ministers in Banff, Alta., on Tuesday, Hoskins alleged that Canada has “extremely effective infection control measures” and officials have learned a lot from other outbreaks. He pointed out that “we have among the best infection control measures that exist, throughout this country in our hospitals and through our public health officials.”

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  1. So what happens when influenza season hits, perhaps with a particularly virulent stain, just as a handful of patients in the USA and Canada also get Ebola at the same time?
    And what if, for all public perception intents and purposes, the symptoms mimic each other? Then watch American go into panic mode — a scenario that’s not that many weeks away. Frightening if you get sick and people suspect you have Ebola and can kill them.

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