Cops Arrest Electric Leaf Owner for Charging from Public Socket

The owner of a Nissan Leaf electric car, Kaveh Kamooneh, was held in custody for almost 15 hours and charged with stealing from country for plugging his car into a public school’s outlet without permission.

Kamooneh explained that he went to pick his son from tennis practice at Chamblee Middle School in Chamblee, Ga., when he plugged his Nissan Leaf into a 110-volt external outlet and let it charge “for about 20 minutes.” Almost a week later, police showed up and arrested Kamooneh, charging him with stealing from the county. According to Sgt. Ernesto Ford, of the Chamblee PD, “I’m not sure how much electricity he stole.” Kamooneh stated that “we couldn’t determine the amount. But it was less than a hundred bucks.” Authorities jailed Kahmooneh on a charge of theft by taking. Kahmooneh says he routinely plugs his car into publicly accessible outlets. He said “I took the electricity without permission,” adding that “normally the value is so little you don’t typically ask permission in these cases.”

The victim in the case, the DeKalb County school system, has stated that “the Dekalb County school district has cooperated in the investigation and will continue to do so.” Responding to the statement, an electric vehicle chargers seller and an active Electric Vehicle Club of the South member, Greg Crittenden, stated that “to me this was a little heavy handed,” adding that “I would like to see electric vehicle owners ask for permission.”

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