John Tory Vows to Change the ‘Tone of the Government’

Toronto mayor-elect John Tory started his first day after the victory with a radio interview just after 5 a.m. Mr. Tory alleged that although he wouldn’t officially be taking office until Dec. 1, he’s ready to start getting his administration up and running with a transition team led by former councillor Case Ootes. He mentioned on Tuesday that “I’m feeling very full of energy today.”

Mr. Tory confessed that Monday night’s win hasn’t completely sunk in yet. He stated that “I’m not sure I’ve entirely made the adjustment to the fact that the campaign is over and we are into a new mode now.” Tory added that “I’m going to meet some of the public service people tomorrow just to say hello … when I start doing that I guess I’ll realize that things have changed.” Furthermore, Mr. Tory vowed to quickly tackle issues like improving traffic as soon as he starts in office.

Mr. Tory stated that he hopes the “tone of the government will change,” adding that “I think it maybe is involving a rebalancing of the tone back in favour of saying let’s work together as opposed to trying to polarize which I just won’t do.” Tory explained that “you will not see me doing that, I will not be polarizing the council deliberately to score political points because I’m not there to do that – I wasn’t sent there to do that.” Confessing that the council “won’t be perfect” and “won’t be a church picnic,” he said “it’ll be different because I’m a different kind of leader.”

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