Sadness hovers over Ottawa as 9 year old boy drowns in Rideau River

On Tuesday, December 21, 2010 a nine-year old boy fell into the frigid waters of the Rideau River just southeast of downtown Ottawa. He was apparently carried downstream about 800 metres being in the water for an estimated 10 to 15 minutes before he was found. In such cold temperatures, hypothermia can set in after mere minutes. When the boy was found, he had no vital signs.

Apparently he was playing near the water with a friend when he slipped on the ice and went into the river. His friend went to get help but things happened too fast. Several people in the area saw the boy in the water but could do nothing. An emergency crew showed up and eventually got to the body to shore but any treatments given at the time, like CPR were ineffective. The boy, Olisa Okoye was pronounced dead when he arrived at hospital.

There have been several notices as of late warning people about the icy conditions and the dangers of being near the river. This is going to be a sad holiday for one Ottawa family.

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We at Oye Times offer our sincere condolences to the Okoye family.

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