NHL: Weekend Games Wrap-up

Saturday, January 8 saw 11, count’em 11 games. According to the NHL official web site, we had a very, very busy day and we all could have spent a good 16 hour glued to our television sets.
Sunday was a little quieter with only 5 games to keep track of. Carolina took Atlanta, 4 to 3; New Jersey took Tampa; 6 to 3; Dallas beat Minnesota; 4 to 0; Chicago won over New York; 5 nothing and Anaheim took San Jose; 1 to zip.
We’re all back to work today, this Monday, January 10 so it’s going to be a little more difficult to stay in front of the TV but there will be plenty of other outlets to provide us with the news as we try to keep tabs on 4 games: Boston at Pittsburgh at 7:0pm EST; Phoenix at St. Louis at 9pm EST; Detroit at Colorado at 9:30pm EST and finally Toronto at Los Angeles at10:30pm EST. Okay, that could make for a late night but don’t forget to pace yourself as the week is chalk full of matches this week. Good gawd, there are 10 games on Tuesday; 4 on Wednesday; 8 on Thursday and 6 on Friday. Heck, how can anybody get anything else done in their lives? It’s hockey twenty-four by seven!
In browsing around, I ran across a nice map in Wikipedia which shows the location of the various teams in the NHL. With 30 teams to keep track of, I must say that following all the action is much more complicated than it was years ago – and I mean a lot of years ago – when the NHL was in its infancy. It must be hard to imagine for the younger hockey fans but at one time the NHL only had six teams. Yes, just six. Ha! It must seem inconceivable that anybody could have a hockey league with so few but yes, we did it and still the action was great.
The NHL web site provides a complete run-down of all games: all up-coming games to the end of the season and all games played so far with their final score. For those of you who love your stats, this is the place to come.
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