Rumi: With life as short as half a breath, don’t plant anything but love

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Rumi: With life as short as half a breath, don't plant anything but love"with life as short as half a breath, don’t plant anything but love" ~rumi~
Can one grasp this concept……….Rumi was talking about the love, that is a replacement for fear.  
We can choose to either live with a positive energy, aka love, or with the negative energy of fear.  Fear has many forms and faces.  Traits and behaviors, such as blame, dis-satisfaction, hoarding and acquisition, greed, lust, desire, attachments, and anger, are a few of the many faces that  fear acquires; with our egoic small mind supporting with "logical" arguments, all the reasons for the existence of these faces.  The society, environment, our friends, peers, colleagues and family all help support and convince us that living in these fears is right.  With there support, life becomes the manifestation of the saying "misery loves company"……..
Somewhere in this forest of life, we see a light, and as we begin to trust ourselves, we start to follow the path lit by this light.  Once on this path, we encounter, other spirits and souls, as they journey on the same path; trusting themselves as they head towards the one truth, on the true path of love.  They are together, as they reach out and support each other, lending a hand, or a shoulder, always encouraging with words and actions, as if saying, stay on this path, the path of love, leave behind all your fears and its many faces, for only through trust, in yourself and in others, will you be able to live with love……..~and plant the seed of love~

Tu eres mi otro yo (You Are My Other Self).  A Mayan concept of unity, we learn to be ourselves through our relationships with others.

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  1. I Love This Rumi quote, and your InsightFull commentary, Irum!! ;). The Light shone by your article has helped to Strengthen my Heart and Illuminate my Path…Thank You!
    Blessings & Peace to You…My Fellow LovePath Traveller!! 😉

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