4 Fixes For Tween School-Anxiety

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Your tween may be medically fit but there is every chance that your tween could be feeling anxiety because of anything. A Math test or geography presentation may be the reason behind her anxious feeling. Research shows that it is most likely that school related stress and sickness can peak during the tween years. Let’s see the 4 fixes for tween school-anxiety which could help you understand your tweens problem properly and point you in right direction in addressing them.

1) Discuss the problem:

The most important fix among the 4 fixes for tween school anxiety is to discuss the fears your tween have. Make them speak up about the things that are causing them to feel anxious about school can be a great way to alleviate the stress of the problem, if not the problem itself. Try to get to know their problems , your kid may not agree with you on matter of calling them “fears” as this may make them feel weak, or childish, but that is indeed what they are. It won’t be a bad idea to use words which are more acceptable to them, Instead of calling them fears, you might ask them what is “bothering them” or why they do not want to go to school.

It could be anything which might be bothering them fromtheir classes or the insecurities they have about their clothes, appearance or the opposite gender; it might also be a shift in popularity from where their social crowd was in elementary school. Bottom line is no matter whatever is causing them school anxiety in all likelihood can be fixed but that’s only possible if you give a try to one of this most important 4 fixes for tween school-anxiety ,i.e. to engage them in discussion  and help them find solutions you can both live with.

What’s most important is your encouragement for open discussions and make it easy for your tween to talk to you. They may simply refuse to talk about the problem in such case, give them space until they are willing to own up to the school anxiety, gently encouraging them along the way.

2) Teach your tween solving problem

Our next fix among the 4 fixes for tween school-anxiety is as important as any other fix. You must tech your tween how to address problem, how to cope an undesired scenario, Give them confidence, make them aware of their capabilities and let them know that they are good enough to solve their issues. In case they are not aware of solving any given problem then it’s your responsibility to teach them the ways to cope the problem.

By doing so you are certain to eradicate school related anxiety and stress, your kid may be facing. Most parents have appreciated the fact that among other 4 fixes for tween school-anxiety, this fix works best.

3) A higher-fiber diet

Make sure your tween intakes more fruits and veggies as it helps ineasing constipation, a source of stomach pain. Tweens may feel embarrassed to tell their parents about problems like constipation and in result may be feeling anxiety because of it. Give a go to this fix along with other 4 fixes for tween school-anxiety.

4) An antacid

Again, tweens may be shy in telling about their stomach problem or might think that their parents will blame them for eating junk food which they love most, so giving your tweens meds can settle stomach upset, and most kids — especially girls — need the extra calcium.

These 4 fixes for tween school-anxiety works perfectly well and most parents have shown their interest in these 4 fixes for tween school-anxiety. If your tween is facing anxiety then have a go at these 4 fixes for tween school-anxiety.

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