Sleep and Optimal Athletic Performance

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Importance of sleeping cannot be downplayed. The difference in sleep strategies and loss or lack of sleep can impact your performance. Sleep is essential for all. Sometimes in the hectic day with too much work, we often forget to take some moments of rest. When life routine becomes toughest; sleep and rest period suffer most. Sleep is also a quality recovery and it is essential for athletes to normalize their sleeping patterns to maximize the recovery process.

Thomas and Reilly conducted a research in 1975 on the effects of total sleep deprivation on continuous exercise. Results showed that it was possible to maintain physical activity for a minimum of 100 hours. However, during this time period decline was seen in heart rate and lung function. In 1992, the similar results were demonstrated by the studies of koslowsky and Babkoff.

The results showed that longer the sleep deprivation period, the greater the effects on athletic performance. Lack of sleep affects the physical and mental capabilities of an athlete. Whether considering total or partial sleep deprivation all studies investigate that adequate sleep is essential for optimal athletic performance. Even that lack of sleep for two days can badly affect a person physically and psychologically.

The ability of a person and activities will be severely limited due to sleep deprivation and you may experience negative shifts. So to avoid such limited activities it is necessary for you to take proper sleep. Take out time for yourself to take rest and recovery periods on daily basis. It is recommended by the experts that the sleep of eight hours is necessary and good for both mind and body. However everyone has his own requirements for sleep.

Consequently it is important to find out what works best for you.  If you are serious about your chosen sport then to keep yourself healthy and fit, you have to concentrate on your sleep too. You must give an extra consideration to your sleep like actual training and diet.

If your work ratio is imbalanced, it means you are not allowing your body to adequately recover. Lack of sleep is going to create significant determinants in your performance. Sleep is as necessary as you consider your other important tasks. Optimal sleep is likely beneficial in reaching to the peak athletic performance.

If you are suffering from hectic lifestyle and too much work does not allow you to take rest then it is time to think that what’s making you like this. So recharge your battery between your performances whenever possible. The purpose of this article is to make you realize you the importance of sleep. Don’t take sleep for granted. It is indeed one of the blessings of God. Failing to account for adequate sleep will quickly catch you and also destroy your all hard work and effort in the performance perspective.

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