Redford Asks Downtown Calgary to Take Evacuation Order Seriously

Officials have issued a warning asking people to avoid coming to work at the entire downtown core of the City of Calgary, where an estimate of almost 230,000 people come to work on a typical Friday. The officials did not request the residents to evacuate their homes because there were a very small number of people who showed up for work on Friday. Authorities have already evacuated several of Calgary’s neighbourhoods due to rising floodwaters that had extended across the city on Thursday evening.

Furthermore, the flooding also victimized several of Calgary’s well-known landmarks, including the Calgary Zoo and the Saddledome. The Facebook page of Calgary Zoo mentioned in a post that it has moved several animals to higher grounds while four creatures had to be moved offsite, including two pot-bellied pigs and two zebras.

Alberta Premier, Alison Redford, mentioned in a statement on Friday that the residents of flood-hit regions of the province shall obey the evacuation orders and move to higher ground, while admitting that it was not an easy task to abandon one’s home. Redford had returned from the U.S. on early Friday morning, when she addressed reporters in Calgary amid rumors about 1,200 troops of Canadian Forces being deployed to help in the worst-hit areas of Alberta, and that an estimated 75,000 Calgarians had been ordered to evacuate. Labeling the floods an “absolutely tragic situation,” Redford stated that “when that is asked, people really must leave, although it is an extremely difficult thing to do.”

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