Royal Visit! Why aren’t Kate and William more useful?

Prince William and Kate in Ottawa, empty lives at public cost
Prince William and Kate in Ottawa, empty lives at public cost
The world’s second richest man is donating his money to improve world health but what are the Royals doing of value?

Enough is enough. The news is full of Kate and William who really mean nothing to most people.
Bill Gates is a modern day model of someone to emulate. The royals are a waste of taxpayers money and attention.

Bill Gates drove a computer on each desktop then dedicated himself to help improve the world’s health and education.

Kate and William are celebrities on the level of the Kardashians. They don’t do anything other than grin and wave, shaking the odd hand in the crowd.
Instead of costing $2 million to grace our retched lives with their wealth, pomp and circumstance, try something useful like volunteering to help people.
I’m not a royal. They are fascinating to watch in movies but in real life the whole royal thing is an anachronism.
“Monarchy is incompatible with democracy,” wrote The Guardian. “It is based on inherited power, wealth, influence and status – not on merit or public consent.

According to the elitist values of the monarchical system, the most stupid, immoral royal is more fit to be head of state than the wisest, most ethical commoner.”

“Monarchs get the job for life, no matter how appallingly they behave. Imagine having to put up with a king like the insensitive, gaffe-prone Prince Philip.”
“In 2007, we have a system of monarchy that is not only shamelessly anti-democratic and elitist, but also sexist, racist and founded on religious intolerance.”
Once upon a time there were kings and queens who took our money, waged wars for their own power and had heads lopped off for little reason. It was all about power and money.
We’ve grown up and have learned to manage our own state – Canada – without any help from rich people in big houses.
Royal watchers in the UK say the Royal family costs $200 million a year. Whatever it costs, it’s too much.
Donate their money to charity – healthcare, education and the improvement of mankind.

If Bill Gates can give away $50 billion, the Queen and her family might get with modern times.

Get a job William and start paying your taxes like most people.

By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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