Fifth Estate: Til Death Do Us Part with Mary Beth Harshbarger

Having just watched Fifth Estate Til Death Do Us Part with Mary Beth Harshbarger on CBC.

Question has to be asked:

Did Mary Beth Harshbarger kill her husband intentionally.

I personally think that this incident should be reviewed by RCMP

What do you think?

Comments welcomed.


  1. There are too many unanswered questions to not ask why this woman isn’t in jail. I am disgusted in our justice system in NL. The RCMP should have charged her with murder in the beginning.

  2. Discusting result! Just when you think that justice will be served then you get smacked in the face once again. I can’t believe she came to our province and shot her husband AND GOT AWAY WITH IT! it disscusts me to think that our justice system can make such a POOR decision on such a case. His poor family who knew she meant to do it, they travelled all the way here to hoping to receive some justice. FOR WHAT?? only to get smacked in the face… once again.

  3. Case should definitely be reopened. Are the police simply lazy? Let’s face it, there are a myriad of unanswered questions and evcomment_IDence that I feel went ignored, i.e. trajectory of the bullet. What an injustice and now the remaining family is left suffering and will continue to suffer because of that sick bitch!!!

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