NAYA RAASTA- the riposte to the South Asian taboo of divorce

Toronto, November 12th 2009 – Who do you turn to when you are going through a marital breakdown? The money grabbing lawyer , the local bar, or friend or family members that are suddenly busy or don’t understand your emotions that they cannot relate to? If you’re South Asian, even the friendly aunt starts asking, and you’re left alone to make excuses for where your ‘better’ half is. Sound familiar?

Welcome to Naya Raasta, The New Road. A collective of like minded South Asians that have one common thread – divorce or separation . Their motto – “We are not beaten down, defeated, or second hand. We are people who want to live a fulfilling life and move on with a positive mindset. ”

Founded in early 2009, the brainchild of Inder and Kiran, Naya Raasta does what others in the South Asian community might not- listen. Listen to you rant, listen to you cry, and then make you laugh and know that the show of life will go on. There is no stigma here, no taboo topic, only people who can relate to the coming apart of a marriage; and are willing to talk about theirs openly as well. “ Divorce is not a punishment – it is the beginning of a new road , and better phase of life -a Naya Raasta”

Naya Raasta is a social support group, not a singles mixer. The purpose – to provide a positive place to hang out, be yourself, ask questions – and to create a new extended family of South Asians who won’t judge. Divorce is never easy; having to stay hush hush in a culture defined by family and family traditions adds an extra layer of stress no one needs.

The group meets regularly once a month, with social events scattered through the calender. Members range in age from the early twenties to the late sixties, men and women, newly divorced or separated for years. They are parents, singles, the one that say ” I’ll never marry again ” to freshly dating individuals. “Naya Raasta is like a hotel – people come and go, some stay a while, others may never leave” says Inder.

Come pay a visit- you’ll like it here.

Next Meeting: Saturday, November 28, 2009 at 1:00 PM

Venue: Richview Public Library, 1806 Islington Avenue, Etobicoke, Ont (Just north of Eglinton)

For more details or to make a new friends :

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