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Date: April 21, 2012
Location: Cell Gallery

Cell Gallery : HEROES by Andreea -Alta Mihartescu 1313 Queen St. West 416-536-6778 Reception Saturday April 21 2-5pm I create mixed media from charcoal, ink, water colors and oil to digital photography, computer art and video experiments. Each of my projects consists of multiple works grouped around specific themes and meanings. My HEROES series is characterized by a rough, violent and ironical approach displayed using only strong black and white contrasts and it is concentrated on spontaneous emotions rather than traditional conventions. I used insertions of realistic heroes inspired from the classicism, romanticism, renaissance and baroque along with added texts elements to provide clues to content and interpretation and also representing biting commentary meant to be my own reaction against the human society’s post media condition. Gallery Hours are Wed- Sun. 1-6pm

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