4X4: 4 New Works From 4 Latina/o Choreographers at Highways Performance Space and Gallery (Santa Monica, CA)

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

4X4: 4 New Works by 4 Latina/o Choreographers

Highways Performance Space and Gallery (Santa Monica, CA)

Highways Performance Space presents 4X4: 4 New Works by 4 Latina/o Choreographers, featuring Sofia Carreras, Hugo Diaz, Jeffrey Grimaldo and Dorcas Román. Sofia Carreras has performed alongside Mikhail Baryshnikov and worked under the direction of George Balanchine. She now focuses her energy on showcasing original work as the founder and artistic director of Intersect Dance Theatre. Hugo Diaz has danced with Dorcas Román Dancetheatre and Invertigo Dance Theatre, and most recently presented his work at the Pasadena Dance Festival. La Puerta esta Abierta is a solo piece for Jeff Grimaldo, choreographed by Naked With Shoes, which mixes dance and theater and takes you on a wild joyride of the human soul. Dorcas Román is the artistic director of Dorcas Román Dancetheatre, which has presented its choreography at festivals like The Dance Galley Festival series in Houston and New York, The Harvest Contemporary Dance Festival in Chicago, MixMatch and DanceSpot in Los Angeles and Dancing With Long Beach.

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