The Keyhole Sessions present Girls on Film IX

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Dates: June 23, 2013 to June 23, 2013
Location: Distillery District
The Keyhole Sessions is proud to present it’s 9th all-cameras event. We’re going wet & messy at a warehouse in the historic Distillery District. Paint, muck & suds should make for a wild and interesting shoot. As always, we present you with 5 lovely models and our rope rigger for an afternoon of truly fun & debaucherous photography. Divided into three 40-minute acts, with two 15-minute intermissions. All guests must come with a camera and prepared to shoot. Best expectations are for photographers to be working in manual modes. NO motion/video. We will be creating stations that will be both specially lit with flashes permitted, and specially lit with no flashes permitted. All tickets must be purchased ahead of time through our online ticketing agent, Eventbrite: TAKE NOTE: Doors open at 12:30, the event starts at 1pm, with doors locking shortly after to preserve the integrity of the event. This means you must arrive on time. The Fine Print: ALL PHOTOGRAPHERS MUST SIGN A RELEASE FORM STATING NO IMAGERY WILL BE USED FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES UNLESS A SEPARATE AGREEMENT IS SIGNED BETWEEN THE PHOTOGRAPHER, TKS AND THE MODEL{S}. You may find a blank release form here. *Bring your ticket and RELEASE FORM with you to the event.* Don’t forget to bring lots of digital storage or film! Thousands of photos are taken during the evening, and you don’t want to miss the finale. 😉

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