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Tayeb Salih’s ‘Season of Migration to the North’: Acclaimed for the Wrong Reason

This is part two to eminent and pioneering translator Denys Johnson-Davies’ reflections on Tayeb Salih, after the passing of would’ve been Tayeb Salih’s eighty-fifth birthday. Here, Johnson-Davies returns to Salih’s work, particularly his most famous novel, and what stands as

What Would an Author Do?

Often, we contemporary English-language readers look to authors as our world’s moral compasses. Sometimes it works, and they lead us true. Great authors speak some sort of truth, at least about their particular obsessions. But mediocre, good, even great authors — Knut Hamsun

A Novel That Represents A Complete Generation of Libyan Writers and Intellectuals

Libyan poet, translator, and short-story writer Ghazi Gheblawi has been enthusiastically tweeting about Mansour Bushnaf’s Chewing Gum, now out in English translation, by Mona Zaki, from Darf Publishers. So, what’s the big deal about Chewing Gum?

Gheblawi initially wrote on his

I Do Not Wish For You To See Gaza As Anything But a Rose

Gaza-based writer Hedaya Shamun writes — although her writing rituals have disappeared — about the world she sees around her in the first and second nights of “Operation Protective Edge.” Translation by Ghada Mourad and Tyson Patros:

By Hedaya Shamun

All the writing rituals escaped. I

The Lyric, Slapstick, Romantic, Academic ‘Land of No Rain’

This year, 2014CE, hasn’t been a very particularly good one for real-world human ventures. Fortunately, however, it has been an excellent one for Arabic literature in translation: Iman Humaydan Younes’s circling Other Lives; Radwa Ashour’s emotional Tantoureya and 

What Does It Take to Found a Library in Sana’a, Yemen?

The TEDxSana’a Book Club has established a small but vibrant book community in Yemen’s largest city, as reported in the Yemen Times this week. Now they’re looking to expand even more:

The club came out of a Facebook discussion of a film, The

Promiscuous Translations and the New Palestinian Poetry Collection, ‘A Bird is not a Stone’

Note: Yesterday on Facebook, A Bird is not a Stone editors announced, “We’re sad to have heard that the family home of Raed Issa, the artist who painted the beautiful image used on the cover of A Bird is not a Stone, was destroyed yesterday in an Israeli air attack. The house was in

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