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Book Review How Does It Feel Presley Beatles Dylan and the Philosophy of Rock & Roll Grant Maxwell’s philosophical book on rock and roll is difficult but rewarding

By Stephen Pate – Grant Maxwell’s How Does It Feel?: Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, and the Philosophy of Rock and Roll is one book I wanted to hate from the first page. Even

The Book of Gaza’: Short Stories from Four Decades

‘The Book of Gaza’: Short Stories from Four Decades

The Book of Gaza (2014), ed. Atef Abu Saif, collects ten Gazan short stories by ten different writers in a range of styles and views on life in the Strip, with an

Mai al-Nakib and Writing Histories: ‘That’s Not Our Version of Things. How Dare She?’

On August 7 at 7 p.m., London’s Mosaic Rooms will host the UK launch of Kuwaiti writer Mai Al-Nakib’s striking and acclaimed debut short-story collection, The Hidden Light of Objects. The stories cross a number of boundaries, geographical and literary, and here, al-Nakib talks

The Taste of Coffee in Gaza

Gazan author Hedaya Shamun, in translation by Shaimaa Debees, writes her reflections on the thirteenth day of “Operation Protective Edge”:

By Hedaya Shamun

War changes the taste of coffee. Sweets are no longer as they were before, and no one wants to touch them once the kids have gone. A

Book Review - Not Just Bollywood Books that cover interviews of multiple celebrities usually make for a very good read. Anupama Chopra did quite well with 'Freeze Frame' which was a compilation of 35 odd interviews. Though Bhawnaa Somaaya's 'Talking Cinema', which was on the same lines, didn't quite cover
Translating Najwan Darwish: ‘Are There Any More to Come?’ or ‘Oh Give Me More!’

On July 11, Marfa Public Radio aired an interview with Lannan Writer/Translator-in-Residence Kareem James Abu-Zeid, who has recently been working on translations of work by Palestinian poet Najwan Darwish, Lebanese novelist Rabee Jaber, and Iraqi poet Dunya Mikhail. He spoke particularly about

Tayeb Salih’s ‘Season of Migration to the North’: Acclaimed for the Wrong Reason

This is part two to eminent and pioneering translator Denys Johnson-Davies’ reflections on Tayeb Salih, after the passing of would’ve been Tayeb Salih’s eighty-fifth birthday. Here, Johnson-Davies returns to Salih’s work, particularly his most famous novel, and what stands as

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