Book Pieter Omtzigt is suddenly a bestseller again after two years

Pieter Omtzigt

This article was last updated on August 30, 2023

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Manifesto by Pieter Omtzigt Tops Bestseller List in the Netherlands

The book A new social contract by politician Pieter Omtzigt, originally published in 2021, has resurfaced as the best-selling book in the Netherlands last week. The manifesto, which outlines Omtzigt’s vision for the country, has reached the number 1 spot on the Bestseller 60 list, published weekly by CPNB, the interest group for the book industry.

“This is quite a unique achievement for a book that is almost 2.5 years old,” says CPNB spokesperson Job Jan Altena. “While it sold well in the past, it never reached the top spot on the list.”

The exact number of copies sold in the past week has not been disclosed. However, the renewed success can be directly attributed to Omtzigt’s recent announcement of his participation in the parliamentary elections on November 22, representing his own party called the New Social Contract.

Proceeds from Book Sales Donated to Charity

In addition to the book’s resurgence, it was previously revealed that Omtzigt had earned nearly €150,000 from the book’s sales. He declared this amount as additional income to the House of Representatives, resulting in a reduction of his parliamentary remuneration to the maximum allowed. Omtzigt decided to donate the net proceeds from the book sales to the Enschede food and clothing bank, as reported by RTV East.

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