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Is Technology ruining families?

While technology has made our lives easier in one way, it has started to ruin it the other way. Ever thought of it? Just Take out a minute and think… what would you prefer a mildly inconvenient blissful life or an easy, ruined life?

However, we cannot neglect the fact that technology is

7 ways to Massage your Partner at Home

After a long and hectic day at work all you need is a good and relaxing massage. Massage helps your mind and body to relax and it makes you feel light as a feather. These results in a peaceful good night sleep which means you will have a fresh, perfect day ahead. Body massage is a healthy

5 Ways Keep Your Child's Teeth Healthy

Everything requires care and attention, especially when we are talking about teeth. It is one of the major and sensitive parts of the body that requires attention and extra care. Teething is one of the painful process that every toddler passes through. Normally the child


Dearest Nur,

I'm feeling so much better now that you've inspired me to do a bit of a turn out of old drawers and closets. It will be interesting to see what turns up when Niha starts bringing out some of the old chests and boxes and I start to sort through. I think that you and I will

Ghomeshi Reveals Sexual Harassment Prevalent at CBC   Did Ghomeshi’s star status allow him to skirt the sexual harassment policies at CBC or is it still the old boy’s club?

By Stephen Pate – Jian Ghomeshi’s firing by the CBC and his open statements about “rough sex” are titillating news.


Rules for a Happy Marriage

Follow the rules to make your marriage go stronger and happy. By adapting very simple habits you can have a happy married life.

Don’t Lose that Sexy Factor:

Wedding is the best time to rev things up. Words are as effective to set the mood then actions. Show her (or him)

Tips on How to Make Your Marriage Stronger

Well exchanging gifts with each other is just a one way of expressing love, there are many other factors that could bring real harmony and balance in your married life.

In order to improve the overall quality of married life the couple requires to stay

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