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Tuesday, May 31, 2016 10:04 AM
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Oye! Girl Talk

An Actual Couple Talks About Their First Sex Party
Illustrated By Anna Sudit.
What follows is my interview with my partner after our first sex party (either individually or together), conducted over Gchat, condensed and lightly edited for clarity.
Him: You ready to have this out in the open?

Me: I don't
Watch this on The Scene.
When it comes to sex, am I normal? Though it's a question many of us have asked of ourselves, "normal" isn't the right word in this context, since it implies an attached "should." Let's go with "average" instead.

A Blow Job From Me Is Not A Favor For You
Illustrated By Anna Sudit.
  If you've escaped the classic blow job head push over the course of your sex life, you are a rare specimen — based on my data sample of straight women, at least. As I look back now, it’s sad that I ever let that shit
How America's Sex Ed Misses The Mark
Photographed by Jessica Nash.  
My memories of sex ed live on a spectrum, from awkward to embarrassing to already-forgotten-because-I-blocked-out-middle-school-from-my-mind. Rarely do I remember these lessons being fun, let alone informative — and I was one
Photographed by Winnie Au.  
It’s hard to imagine a thirtysomething rabbi from a Jewish settlement in the West Bank evangelizing the merits of sex toys as marital aids. But Rabbi Natan Alexander is on a mission to bring couples closer together with the sex
A Rising Number Of U.S. Women Identify As Bisexual
Photographed By Lauren Perlstein.
As public awareness that the spectrum of sexuality includes more than just straight or gay has grown, awareness of bisexuality has, too. And according to a new national survey from the CDC, so have the numbers of both men and women who
I Love Huge Sex Toys & My Partners Can’t Always Handle It
Illustrated by Sydney Hass.
The first sex toy I ever purchased was a long, girthy, purple dildo. I was 18 and had dragged my best friend into a small sex shop in the West Village. She was clearly itching to leave, but I made a beeline to the gigantic toys hanging all over the

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