Donna Summer Dim All The Lights, Warren Beatty’s Coming!

Who doesn’t have great memories of Donna Summer music? Whenever we hear“Love to Love You Baby” we’re brought back to the 70’s when we were living in a high rise at 999 North Doheny Drive. We lived next door and shared a wall with a beautiful young blonde wannabe actress who happened to be dating Warren Beatty. (Who WASN’T in those days?) We could always tell when she was expecting Warren to come over in the evening because she would put on Donna’s sexy album while she waited for him and it would come pulsating through the wall. Donna and Barry White and The Love Unlimited Orchestra provided the seduction music in that era. As soon as we heard her turn on THAT music, we’d skip down to the lobby and try to catch a glimpse of Warren when he arrived. Our neighbor admitted to us that occasionally when Warren was out of town, she’d have phone sex with him too. That’s why we will forever think of Warren when we hear Donna’s music. She will be sorely missed. (Note – in the video above, that dancer looks a LOT like Nigel Lythgoe!)

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