Mel Gibson And Charlie Sheen Are Teaming Up Again

Lifetime’s stunt casting of Lindsay Lohan in Liz & Dick – most likely purely forpublicity purposes – seems to be catching on in Hollywood. Director Robert Rodriguez has an impressive cast assembled for his Machete Kills movie – including Sofia Vergara, Amber Heard (Johnny Depp’s rumored fling) Jessica Alba, and Michelle Rodriguez. He also hired MEL GIBSON to play an eccentric billionaire arms dealer and CHARLIE SHEEN to play the President of the Untied States! Both Mel and Charlie rank up there with Lindsay in the “notoriety for negative reasons” department. Ironically, Mel tried to help Charlie during his famed “meltdown.” Will the novelty of these two fill theater seats? We doubt it. Viewers are WAY less likely to fork over $18 for movie tickets to see a train wreck, than they are to sit home and watch it on TV for free.

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