People Like Us: Chris Pine Doesn’t Have To Worry About His Career Any More

Walking into a screening of “People Like Us” completely uninformed (the best way) – we expected to see yet another lightweight romantic comedy, probably located in New York. What a pleasant surprise – it was NOTHING like we anticipated. After enduring far too many mindless summer action movies, we found one with a PLOT! A fascinating, plausible story with believable, unique characters. Well written, a drama – but funny at times. (One of the writers was a woman.) Chris Pine (SO good as Captain Kirk in Star Trek,) Elizabeth Banks, and Olivia Wilde proved to be real actors, not just pretty faces. And Michelle Pfeiffer is perfectly cast. If you like a smart, warmhearted movie and plan to see it -we advise you NOT to read a thing about it in advance – the less you know the better. Just go with an open mind.

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