Soon Scientology Will Be Beckoning You From Your Tv

After this summers events, we wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Scientologyleader David Miscavige had jumped off the tallest Scientology building. His own niece, Jenna Miscavige Hill, has written a tell-all book about her life in the cult. Jenna’s parents left the organization when she was 16 and she wasn’t allowed to have contact with them. After six miserable years, SHE left also and reunited with her family. She promises a lot of new information about the “upper ranks” ofScientology. (More?) Meanwhile, David Miscavige and his flock are planning to retaliate against all their bad press by starting up 24 hour Scientology propaganda broadcasting from the KCET Studios they purchased in Hollywood (and aren’tpaying taxes on) last year. Be careful, they might be recruiting YOU in the middle of the night!

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