Why Did Cameron Diaz Retire From Acting – And Disappear From Public Life?

Coincidentally or not, when Cameron Diaz married Benji Madden, she just about vanished from the face of the earth. Not long after, and for no apparent reason, she announced her retirement from acting. Has Benji Madden quietly taken control of her life? Cameron was a very successful Hollywood actress with more than 40 movies under her belt, and she amassed quite a lot of money. Certainly she can AFFORD to retire – but why would she? Not only has she barely left the house for the past few years, but at age 47 she suddenly announced she is a mother, and a baby girl appeared. The once friendly and talkative actress, who never appeared to be pregnant, is very secretive and won’t share any info about where the baby came from. She has changed – a lot. Mysterious Benji has always dated women who are famous and successful – but to his credit, everyone says he’s an exceptionally decent guy (doesn’t drink or do drugs) – despite his unfortunate penchant for facial hair and baseball caps. IS he influencing Cameron to give up her career? We think so.

Above, Housewife Cameron at Whole Foods last year

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA

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