Scientologists And Donald Trump Both Hate Newspapers!

Social isolation stinks – but things could be WORSE – you could live where John Travolta calls home – Clearwater, Florida! Beautiful beaches notwithstanding, the city is gradually being taken over by Scientologists, and the population doesn’t know WHAT to do! Over the years, the secretive “church” has bought huge chunks of property and buildings – especially downtown (using fake names) – and it’s almost all TAX EXEMPT- so the city is losing a lot of money. Clearwater residents complain about groups of dressed-alike people marching around in lines like zombies, and a downtown that is NOT flourishing like nearby cities. The police department has been wined and dined by Scientology (as is their habit) and the public no longer trusts THEM. We love this old photo from 1979 with Scientologists in ill-conceived Nazi uniforms protesting negative coverage in the Clearwater Sun. Certainly this photo gave Clearwater locals the creeps! Another reason to support your local newspaper!

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