Don’t Blame Kim Kardashian For That Lousy Snl Show

It would be easy to blame Kim Kardashian West for that lame Saturday Night Live episode she just hosted- but don’t. She was the most interesting element of the show – even with her shortcomings. Visually (clothing-wise) she always gave us something sexy and colorful to look at, but she had very limited physicality and barely moved- always maintaining a flattering angle and a clear view of cue cards. Besides looking a bit stiff, she read her lines in a flat and monotonous manner. Her opening monologue would have been much funnier if she read her lines with some sly enthusiasm and appropriate pauses. Aside from The Peoples Kourt skit, the WRITERS should be blamed for the mediocrity of the show- THEY dropped the ball – Kim gave it her best.

Photo: NBC

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