Lack Of Gravity Didn’t Affect Sandra Bullock’s Hair

After hearing so much great stuff about Gravity we could hardly wait to get into our theater seats and take a look at it. Visually, the movie is quite beautiful and the silence and grandeur of outer space is intimidating. Technically and artistically the movie is magnificent. But we just didn’t LOVE it. We LIKED it a lot, but didn’t love it. The actual story is very small and lacks significance. Sandra Bullock plays a doctor who spends most of the movie floating and spinning in space and that couldn’t have been easy. She earned her salary. We were annoyed by, of all things, her short brown wig. Why couldn’t she just have tied up her own hair in a twist to look “serious.“ (We are frequently distracted by fake looking wigs in movies and real life too.) A scientist familiar with weightlessness later pointed out that Sandra’s hair should have been floating around in strands when she was up in the air, and looked wrong. Wigs don’t float. Enough nitpicking. Gravity is entertaining, but not our favorite movie of the year. We still prefer the likes of Blue Jasmine.Anybody agree?

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