Bette Midler: A Knife In The Back From Barbra Streisand?

Bette Midler is in for a SHOCK! She’s been enjoying incredible record breaking success with her one woman show “I’ll Eat You Last” on Broadway and in Los Angeles. The show deals with powerful Hollywood agent Sue Mengers who was an unforgettable character and best friends with her client Barbra Streisand. (We remember selling them clothes – Barbra was several sizes smaller than Sue and liked to rub it in). Anyway, Bette hopes to turn this iconic role into a movie for herself but it won’t be easy. We hear that sneaky Barbra Streisand has been in secret talks to buy the rights for HERSELF. She figures Sue Mengers was HER friend, after all! Watch out, Bette!
Above, Barbra, Jerry Seinfeld, and Bette at a Jewish History Museum event in Philadelphia.)

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