Philip Seymour Hoffman Scandal: Mistaken Identity ? Or Deliberate Misrepresentation?

The guy who passed himself off to The Enquirer as Philip Seymour Hoffman’s “gay lover” is in a HEAP of trouble. The guys name is David Katz and he said that many publications called him on Super Bowl Sunday because Hoffman’s friend David Bar Katz, had found the actor’s body. The fake Katz, who lives in New Jersey, told the NY Post he drank a lot that day and didn’t remember everything he said! The Enquirer believed he was the real Katz and printed the gay story. (We wonder if they paid him.) After all, the guy did have the same name! Of course we know that ended in a lawsuit, apology, and settlement. But the REAL David Bar Katz is now threatening to sue the fake Katz and the imposter insists he never told anyone his name was David Bar Katz. Crazy situation.
(Above, Hoffman and Meryl Streep in our favorite movie “Doubt”)

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