We’re Supposed To Believe That Michael Jackson Had A Secret Girlfriend?

We are eager to get our hands on the new book written by Michael Jackson’s bodyguards in the last couple years of his life – it’s called“Remember The Time: Protecting Michael Jackson In His Final Days.” The Daily News leaked a few incidents from the book that already just don’t ring true. According to the book, Michael had a couple of girlfriends that he stashed at hotels where he visited them. One was Eastern European and petite and attractive, but no one knows her name. Michael would visit her at a hotel after his kids were asleep and buy her gifts at Tiffany. Very strange that these “girls” never came forward after his death and were never identified. Were they really girls? In his final years, Michael was skinnier and more heavily made up and bewigged than most women – we find the plausibility of this “revelation” highly suspect.

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