What Did Renee Zellweger Do To Deserve This?

Calling Renee Zellweger “unrecognizable” at a recent appearance in New York (above) is both ridiculous and insulting. As far as we can surmise, the “unrecognizable” word was used first by the UK’s Daily Mail and American media followed suit. If you really look at Renee’s photos they are far from startling, and do not indicate any radicalplastic surgery. Poor Renee apparently showed up at a time when there was a shortage of gossip and EVERYBOY copied each other with the “story.” Renee happens to be one of the nicest and least pretentious actresses around – what happened to everybody’s MANNERS? She looks fine – and natural. Talking about plastic surgery is fun – but cruel comments about women are just WRONG.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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