It looks like progress is finally being made toward Scientology losing its tax-exempt status – it’s being TALKED ABOUT! Alex Gibney, the documentary filmmaker responsible for HBO’s “Going Clear,” wrote an excellent editorial in the LA Times today titled “Scientology Should Not Be Tax-Exempt.” And boy, do we agree! He reasons that Scientology should not have their tax status revoked because it is not a “real religion.” It has a strange belief system – but so do other religions (virgin birth?) Gibney points out that to maintain the right to be tax exempt, religions must fulfill certain requirements for charitable organizations. They may not serve the private interests of any individual and activities must not be illegal or violate fundamental public policy. On these points alone, he says, Americans should not subsidize Scientology through tax exemption. Clearly, he has made a logical argument and we predict the downfall of Scientology is imminent. Click HERE to read the entire article.

Footnote: Since DONATIONS to Scientology are tax exempt, we predict all kind of problems for celebrity members if tax status changes.

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