Randeep Hooda takes tips from Sehwag for his character in Heroine

Randeep Hooda is not known as a method actor for nothing. For his role of the cricketer in Madhur Bhandarkar’s Heroine, Randeep has not only decided to model his character on the ace-batsman, he has also resolved to take close guidance and tips from Virendra Sehwag to play his character convincingly. Ever since he signed the role two weeks ago, Randeep has been on the phone constantly with Sehwag picking the cricketer’s brain to understand how a batsman’s mind, heart and body work in unison. On Thursday, Randeep and his acting mentor Naseruddin Shah trooped down to the Wankhede Stadium to watch Sehwag play in the India-West-Indies test match. After the match, Randeep spent invaluable time studying his cricketing idol. Says Randeep, "It was an awesome moment, my acting mentor Naseer besides me and my cricket idol on the field…I’ve always felt a deep affinity to Virender Sehwag .We’re both Jats from Haryana and we’re both self-made, I in my own humble way, he of course on a much larger scale. Just watching him on the field is so inspiring. Virender is not just a great batsman, he’s an entertainer on the field. I firmly believe whether you’re an actor or cricketer you’ve to entertain people in your field. I think Virender does that very well." Randeep not only admits Sehwag would be the role model for his performance he would also be using Virender’s bat! "That’s right!" admits Randeep. "I’ve asked Virender to give me one of his bats which I’d be using in Heroine. He has kindly agreed to do. I’ve to tell you. I’m very excited about this role because like every Indian boy, I played cricket in school and college. When Sehwag became national champ Haryana’s chest swelled with pride. Now by playing a cricketer, I feel I am fulfilling a dream that Sehwag has already fulfilled for us."

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