When Juhi Chawla fought with Aamir Khan on the sets of Ishq

Ever since Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak featured Aamir Khan and Juhi Chawla as a fresh pair, Nasir Hussain knew he created one of the most iconic couples on screen with Raj and Rashmi. They went on to act in many films like Love Love Love, Tum Mere Ho, Hum Hain Rahi Pyaar Ke, Daulat Ki Jang, and Ishq among others. But when they did Ishq, it seems that all did not end well on the sets of the film. Juhi Chawla apparently ended up fighting with Aamir Khan on the sets of Ishq.

Yes, the actress in a fit of rage did not show up on the sets one day and this did not go down well with Aamir. Talking about the incident to the Savvy magazine, Juhi said, “Aamir was somebody I liked as a friend. We used to fight about tiny things. Once we fought over something stupid and didn’t speak to each other for some time. We were shooting for Ishq and Aamir and Ajay [Devgn] would pull pranks on me on the set. They went on till a point where I almost cried. I was upset and in an egotistical moment, declared that I would not shoot the next day.”

She went on to add, “And to my word, I didn’t go to the set the next day. The following day, Aamir, Ajay and Induji came to my house and Aamir apologized.”

But this was not the end of the incident, Juhi further went on to state, “But once that was resolved, Aamir got very upset with me. He said, ‘You can say anything to me or fight with me, but you cannot not come to the set. The whole day of shooting got stalled because of you. And that’s a big loss to the producer because the whole unit turned up’.” Agreeing to the fact that Juhi Chawla did not understand the nitty-gritties of filmmaking and production then, Juhi further mentioned that Aamir Khan didn’t talk to her after the incident. She also confessed that she was too afraid to approach him on the matter.

However if you are wondering how the problem was resolved, Juhi also responded to that question. “Years later, something happened and I went to meet him and said, “‘Aamir it was very stupid’ and he said, ‘Why didn’t you just come and say something to me before?’ He thought I was angry with him and I thought he was angry with me. That’s why it is so important to clear things because sometimes it’s just a miscommunication,” concluded the actress.

Although we haven’t seen Aamir Khan and Juhi Chawla sharing screen space together much after Ishq, at least now, the duo continue to rejoice their friendship. In the same interview, the actress had stated that she would immediately agree for an Aamir Khan film because she would feel very safe and comfortable around him. In fact, he was also her go-to friend when it came to understanding things in the industry because she was new to the film fraternity and didn’t have a godfather.

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