Louis Tomlinson reveals tracklist of his album Walls through a mural painting in London

Former One Direction singer Louis Tomlison is excited about his solo album 'Walls'. The tracklist of the upcoming album has been revealed in the most interesting way. It was unveiled through a mural painting in London.

Louis Tomlinson reveals tracklist of his album Walls through a mural

Here is the tracklist:

1. Kill My Mind
2. Don’t Let It Break Your Heart
3. Two Of Us
4. We Made It
5. Too Young
6. Walls
7. Habit
8. Always You
9. Fearless
10. Perfect Now
11. Defenceless
12. Only The Brave

Fash forward to ten years, Louis Tomlinson has seen professional highs through his time in One Direction and through his solo career. But, personally, the singer has been through rough times due to the untimely passing of his mother and younger sister. Speaking to Glamour magazine recently, he revealed how has he coped with some of the most troubled times while being a public figure. "It was definitely difficult at first when I first got put in the band and having to deal with not having as much privacy. But I suppose as time goes on you grow to understand it and get used to it. To be honest, there have been some pretty hard times in my life, and although I wouldn't have chosen to have them played out in the public, some of the reactions and some of the stuff I got from fans was incredible too. It’s tit for tat really. It’s been difficult, but that's life anyway, it's just that on a massive scale. I suppose at the start of the band I struggled a little bit with that, but I think I'm pretty resilient and look, I'm lucky that I had the experience at that level. I'm also quite persistent. It was actually the third year that I'd auditioned for X Factor that I got put in the band and you have to have a certain amount of self-belief for that," he said.

The #Walls tracklist has exactly 28 words! #LouisLive #WallsIsComing pic.twitter.com/NxMT5ASVEv

— Team Louis News (@TeamLouisNews) January 11, 2020

Speaking of building an identity for himself after One Direction members parted ways, Louis said, "It took me a second to understand that I was on my own now, and my identity for so long was part of a collective, and obviously you still have an individual identity within that, but you're upholding this collective identity. So, I think it took me a second to kind of understand that I can be a bit of a chav again!"

When asked if he wanted to change anything looking back, he said, "In reality, I wouldn't. I wouldn't because I think every mistake is all part of your journey, and you do definitely learn something every time. So, in terms of my career and how I've come across publicly and all of that, no, I wouldn't change anything, to be honest."

'Walls', Louis Tomlinson's debut album, is slated for January 31, 2020 release.

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